Is definitely the Intercontinental Origins Verification Operation Responsible

The Global Sources verification process is targeted at providing procurement departments of manufacturers, importers, and trading companies with information regarding reliable verified suppliers for his or her needs. Global Sources is a trustworthy sourcing website that specializes in supplier verification and in organizing many large trade shows in Asia. It is also engaged in many print publications that offer lots of sourcing information. Working with it’s beneficial to both suppliers and buyers. Once suppliers register with the website, it verifies that they’re legitimate. This stamp of approval benefits the suppliers. Buyers, on one other hand, can be satisfied when it has verified a supplier, they want not bother about that company’s authenticity.

Different Functions Of Global Sources

Global Sources verification involves physical checking to learn whether a supplier is authentic and a legally registered business organization. Global sources also verify if the listed contact person actually represents the registered company. The representatives make regular visits to the organization to ensure they’re export ready and have real offices and products. 토토 안전놀이터  The information provided by the organization regarding its entity is also verified for validity and accuracy. If a supplier doesn’t meet the mandatory standards of town, he’s rejected. They also work closely with intellectual-property rights holders to remove any infringing products listed. However, product inspection is not carried out by them.

Different verified suppliers are categorized differently predicated on Global Sources verification process. Someone to six star rankings are allotted by Global Sources to the suppliers. Based on supplier verification and these rankings, detailed information regarding various aspects is defined forth on the website to enable procurement agencies to be aware of the parameters used and of areas checked in the supplier verification process. By doing so, it becomes easier to decide on verified suppliers.

It provides a one-stop sourcing platform for specialized sourcing requirements. Industry-specific categories have been created with pointers to current industry trends and hot new products. They will be in existence for more than 30 years, and Global Sources verification is regarded as reliable by most agencies who have dealt with them.


They don’t verify, however, whether a supplier is capable of meeting bulk quantity requirements within the deadlines set by the clients. Moreover, their supplier verification process doesn’t include checking for quality. It’s already been unearthed that sometimes even verified suppliers don’t honor their delivery commitments, are unable to supply the entire volume of the order, and lag miserably in quality requirements. Basically, it’s all a matter of the star categories because the higher the star category ranking, the more stringent the Global Sources verification process is. For instance, supplier capability is not checked for a three-star category and, as such, it’s possible that the supplier mightn’t have the ability to supply the volume that he might claim to be capable of doing.

Cost Factor

For a supplier to get a higher star rating, the global sources verification process is more elaborate and consequently more expensive. The supplier is charged more and this extra cost is passed on to the buyer. However, not absolutely all verified suppliers give the fee, especially the big businesses, since this amount may be merely a negligible fraction of these total sales and they realize that it is worth paying something extra for establishing reliability and credibility of these products. This method of supplier verification has to be repeated every year.