Can You Get Squirtle In Heartgold?

What is the best starter in HeartGold?

What Starter Should I Choose For Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver?Chikorita.

Chikorita is a single Grass type Pokemon.

With the ability — Overgrow which raises the power of grass attacks when HP is low.


Cyndaquil is one of the best choices to make for a starter in HG/SS.


Totodile is probably the best choices to start with in Pokemon HG/SS..

How do you get Mewtwo in Heartgold?

Nature. As with FireRed & LeafGreen, after you have earned all the Kanto badges, you will gain access to the Cerulean Cave. Deep within the cave, like in FireRed & LeafGreen, you will find Mewtwo. It is at Level 70 so be sure to bring your strongest Pokémon.

How do you get treecko in Heartgold?

Only one at a time. After you collect all 8 kanto badges and defeat Red, you can got see Steven Stone in Silph Co. and get one of the hoenn starters. You can migrate and restart the game and do all that over again to get the other if you wanted.

How do you get arceus in HeartGold?

You can trade an Arceus from Diamond, Platinum, Pearl, HeartGold, or SoulSilver using PokeTransfer, as well as from any of the Black or White games as a regular trade. In order to get an Arceus from an older version of the Pokémon to X or Y, it will need to first be transferred to Black, White, Black 2, or White 2.

Can I get Charmander in soul silver?

get a kanto starter pokemon His best is a level 88 Pikachu, so be prepared for a tough battle. You NEED to BEAT him. after that, go to professor Oaks lab. he will offer you a Charmander, Squirtle, or a Bulbasuar.

How do you get Celebi in Heartgold?

There’ll be a cutscene where the trees shake & he says it’s coming from Ilex Forest. Make sure your team and items are stocked up and SAVE before you interact with the Shrine. Once you interact with it Celebi should appear & your chance to catch it is nigh.

What’s unlocked after beating Red in HeartGold?

AnswersThe game is completed, though it’s not over. You can still do anything that was available before beating him. … the game is not over. After you beat red you can get the other starter pokemon after defeating him and u can still do all the stuff u did before you deafeated him.

Can arceus be caught?

Arceus first appeared in the Generation IV games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl being a Legendary Pokémon. … Arceus is captured in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions after obtaining the Azure Flute event item through the aforementioned cheating device and using it to gain access to the Hall of Origin.

How do you get rayquaza in HeartGold?

You catch Rayquaza by first defeating Red atop Mt. Silver, getting a Kanto Pokemon from Professor Oak, and either getting the Red Orb (HeartGold) or Blue Orb (SoulSilver) from Professor Oak. You catch Rayquaza by first defeating Red atop Mt.

Which Gen 2 starter is the best?

In Gen 2, technically Typhlosion is probably the best because it’s the fastest one, evolves earlier in its middle stage (Level 14, meaning you get a power boost slightly earlier) and learns pretty good coverage that will hel you through most of the Gyms (Earthquake and Thunderpunch are fantastic Moves for it).

Is HeartGold better than gold?

Gold version has that retro-nostalgic feel to it, but HeartGold is definitely the better game.

Who is the strongest Johto starter?

Meganium5 Meganium It is arguably the strongest starter of the generation because of its vast and unique move set combined with its powerful and high stats. It’s also gotten incredibly cool design and lots of players pick it because of how adorable it is.

Can you go to Kanto in HeartGold?

After defeating the Pokemon League, you’ll be able to roam the Eastern Region known as Kanto. Here you can collect eight more GYM badges!

How do you get kyogre in Heartgold?

Showing how to catch Kyogre in Pokemon Heart Gold Kyogre can be caught once you speak to Mr. Pokemon after getting the National Dex and receiving the Kanto starter Pokemon. When you talk to him, he will give you the Blue Orb, with which you can encounter Kyogre when you head through route 47 and enter a small cave.

How do you get zapdos in Heartgold?

Zapdos can be found at the Power Plant east of Lavender Town down a water route after fixing the plant. It will be waiting outside and will be at level 50 as well with the moves Discharge, Charge, Agility, and Ancient Power. Moltres can be found in Mt Silver down a Rock Climb wall after beating all 16 gyms.

How do I get Genesect?

However, unlike past events that feature Mythical Pokémon, Genesect can only be obtained via a special item purchased by trainers for a limited time. Similar to the Regigigas event in 2019, trainers who purchase this item will get an early attempt at catching Genesect.

Can you get all starters in Heartgold?

Conduct a trade between the two games, trading the Pokemon you don’t mind losing for the starter Pokemon. … Now you can trade them to your other Pokemon game and get your first two starters back. Congratulations! You now have all three starters in “SoulSilver” or Heartgold”!

How do you get Squirtle in Pokemon Soul Silver?

In Heart Gold & Soul Silver, these Pokémon are obtained by visiting Steven Stone in Silph Co. in Saffron City after you have defeated Red. He will compliment you, ask you what colour stone you’d pick and then provide you one of these Pokémon based on the colour. As with all starters, they will be at Level 5.

How do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Mewtwo is in Cerulean Cave. Got get there head out of Cerulean city via the Route 24 bridge and hang an immediate left. Then Surf off the grass Southwards to the cave entrance. In the cave head North and then surf up and left as far as you can go.

Can you catch Charmander in Heartgold?

You can’t catch one, because the Kanto starters do not appear in the wild. You can, however, receive it from Professor Oak in Pallet Town after getting through Mount Silver and defeating Red. … Red’s a tough opponent, but with a balanced, high-level team with the right types to counter his, you should be fine.

How do you get Kabuto in soul silver?

2 Answers. You dont find them in Pewter city you take the Dome Fossil to Pewter city and get it revived into Kabuto. You can find the fossil by smashing rocks in the Ruin of Alphs.

How do you get Celebi?

The player needs to take the GS Ball to Kurt in Azalea Town and wait for twenty-four hours. Speak to Kurt again and he will return the GS Ball to the player. If the player visits the shrine in Ilex Forest, then they will encounter a level thirty Celebi, which they can catch for themselves.

What Pokeball to use to catch Mewtwo?

What is the best pokéball to catch Mewtwo with?Catch ProbabilityLow HP SLP, FRZ3%Nest Ball If Mewtwo’s level is 27 or lower. Great Ball Sport Ball (only available during the bug-catching contest)2%Poké Ball Friend Ball Premier Ball Luxury Ball1%None.9 more rows•Mar 8, 2020

How do you get the Kanto starters in Heartgold?

You are able to choose ONLY ONE starter Pokémon from Professor Oak per game, much like you can only get one Johto starter per game. To do so, collect all 16 gym badges (8 in Johto and 8 in Kanto), then defeat Red on Mt. Silver. After defeating Red, talk to Professor Oak to choose a Kanto starter.

How do you get Bulbasaur in Heartgold?

Go to the top of Mt. Silver, and defeat Red at least once. After you defeat Red, go to Pallet Town and speak to Professor Oak in his lab, where you’ll be able to get one of the three Kanto starters. *Keep in mind you can only obtain one of them.

Can you get all 3 Kanto starters in SoulSilver?

It is possible to get the Hoenn starters. All you need to do is beat the elite four and get all of the kanto badges, then go to Silph Tower.