Question: Is Pokemon Platinum Easy?

Is platinum harder than diamond Pokemon?

Pokemon diamond and pearl are harder then platinum, if you use the vs.

Seeker against the trainers that have higher levels than you your pokemon will level up fast..

Is platinum a good game?

“Yes, Pokemon Platinum is the same great game as Diamond & Pearl, with plenty of major changes and minor tweaks for hardcore fans of the series, but even the addictive and inventive gameplay may not be enough for more casual DS players to enter the world of Sinnoh a second time.” he warns.

Which is the best starter pokemon in platinum?

Back in Pokemon DP, Infernape is the best starter thanks to it’s matchups and if it has Hidden Power Ice, it shreds the game. However, Empoleon does the same job as Infernape in DP, just not as well. But if you slap a Choice Spec available in Platinum, it becomes just as good or even better than Infernape.

How many hours is Pokemon Platinum?

35 Hours4 Pokémon Platinum (35 Hours)

Is Platinum better than white gold?

Platinum is less hard than 14K white gold and scratches more easily. But — when white gold is scratched, the scratched metal leaves the surface of the ring, clinging to whatever scratched it. It’s lost forever. Platinum, on the other hand, can scratch, but, keeps its metal, creating a patina.

Why is Pokemon Platinum so expensive?

2 Answers. It probably has to do with supply and demand. As of now, Pokemon Platinum is almost 10 years old, so there aren’t as many copies being sold as newer games such as Sun and Moon. Therefore, the price of these “old” Pokémon games are generally higher than that of newer ones.