Question: What Is The Best Hard Drive For Ps3?

Can you use external hard drive for ps3?

You can play music, movies, view pictures and so much more.

These things can be done via CD, DVD, thumb drive and external hard drive that’s connected to your PS3.

Sadly, you just can’t take any external hard drive, plug it into your PS3 console and expect it to work..

What format does ps3 hard drive use?

FAT32If you want to hook up any kind of external HDD or flash drive via USB to your PS3, it needs to be formatted in FAT32. Most external HDDs that claim support with Mac/OSX will be pre-formatted in FAT32, so you won’t need to worry about it.

Can I swap ps3 hard drives?

The PS3 system hard disk drive (HDD) is removable and upgradeable. An upgrade can be performed by removing the hard drive and replacing it with a larger capacity drive.

Does ps3 install games to hard drive?

Selected PS3 games will offer the option to install, PC-style, on to the console’s hard drive to allow faster in-game loading times, it was revealed at last Friday’s Gamer’s Day conference. … But it’s still a welcome choice, and with some form of hard drive guaranteed in every PS3, no one will be left out of the option.

Will a 2tb hard drive work in a ps3?

PlayStation 3™ or PlayStation 4™ Seagate® Game Drive for PlayStation is a 2TB internal HDD for upgrading the stock hard drive in your PS3 or PS4. With 2TB on your PlayStation 3 or 4, you have the storage to install over 50 PlayStation games.

What is the biggest hard drive for ps3?

Seagate BarraCuda 5TB Internal Hard Drive HDD – 2.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 5400 RPM 128MB… Western Digital 500GB 2.5″ Playstation 3/Playstation 4 Hard Drive (PS3 Fat, PS3……Compatible DevicesLaptopBrandSeagateDigital Storage Capacity2000 GBType of product2.5 Inches

How do I clear my ps3 hard drive?

How to Delete and Install Game Data on a PS3 Hard DriveNavigate to the “Game” menu on your PS3.Select “Game Data Utility.”Highlight the game data you want to delete, and then press the “Triangle” button on your controller.Select “Delete,” followed by “Yes” to delete the game data from your PS3’s hard drive.

Can I play ps3 games from USB?

If you want to pick up where a friend left off in a game, borrow his or her MLB franchise, or play your game on a friend’s PS3, it’s all possible with a USB drive. Plug in your USB drive, and from the Games menu, go to your game saves.

What hard drives are compatible with ps3?

The PS3 is compatible with just about any 2.5-inch SATA notebook hard disk. Both 5400- and 7200-RPM drives should work fine. The physical size of the hard disk is important because it has to fit the PS3’s 2.5-inch drive tray.

Can I use my old ps3 hard drive in a new one?

2 Answers. Yes and no; the had drive type is the same, the hard drive will physically work in the new device. However, PS3 hard drives are encrypted, so if you just move the drive into a new PS3 the drive won’t actually work; you’ll have to reformat it.

Can you replace ps3 hard drive with SSD?

While this is true for virtually every games console out there, PlayStation 3 is unique in that you can upgrade the stock hard drive with any kind of replacement you like – and that includes state-of-the-art SSD (solid state disk) technology.

Will ps3 hard drive work on ps4?

As long at it is the standard 2.5 inch drive size (7-9mm thick) it will work no problem. Just dont expect to have any of your PS3 data, as once you put the PS4 OS on it, the drive will be formatted, erasing any of the PS3 data.

Why won’t my ps3 recognize an external hard drive?

Why your PS3 not recognizing Seagate external hard drive? … But the ordinary reason should be the file system: you need to make sure that the external hard drive is in MBR and FAT32 is the first partition (actually, the PS3 cannot detect the hard drive which is half FTFS and half FAT32, too).

Is 12gb ps3 enough?

It’s the same with the PS3, except that you can use any hard disk with the PS3. In spite of buying a 12GB console, you can expand the device memory to as much as 1TB! Bottom-line: No. 12GB isn’t enough.