Question: Which Country Is Best At Fortnite?

Who’s the worst fortnite player?

SmittySmitty, the greatest worst Fortnite gamer in history, was battling in his best Solo match EVER when destiny strikes..

Who is the number 1 fortnite player?

Kyle GiersdorfTop 10 Fortnite Players In The WorldRankNameTournament Victories#1Kyle Giersdorf4#2Williams Aubin10#3David Wang8#4Benjy Fish86 more rows•Jul 11, 2020

Is fortnite losing popularity?

Fortnite is losing popularity and streamers faster than ever – Here is why. Of late, Fortnite has undergone a stagnant period which has seen quite a few content creators and gamers quitting the game. While a few content creators believe Fortnite only requires some minor tweaks, other issues have been raised as well.

As of May 2020, Fortnite has 350 million registered users. The game has had a steady increase in players registered since 2017. … Then in October, Fortnite broke another record as it reached 8.3 million concurrent players, which still stands as the game’s record to this day.

Is fortnite the number 1 game in the world?

Fortnite is the world’s most popular game, but it was almost cancelled before it launched. Since its launch on July 27, Epic Games’ Fortnite has become the most popular video game worldwide and a true pop culture phenomenon.

What country has the best fortnite players?

It is noteworthy that the countries with the highest numbers of competitive earners in Fortnite seem to be predominantly English speaking, with the U.S. leading followed by Australia with 252 players, the U.K. with 136, Canada with 117, and Ireland with 7.

Who is the fastest editor in fortnite?

#2 TonzFN- Fortnite World record? TonzFN is another Fortnite editor who recently shot to fame when popular YouTuber Ali-A mentioned him in his Fastest Fortnite editors compilation video. In his most popular video, TonzFN edits at a blistering pace, going on to land a staggering 60 edits in a mere 7 seconds!

Which Ninja has highest kill?


How old is Bugha?

17 years (December 30, 2002)Kyle Giersdorf/Age

Is Ninja still good at fortnite?

Ninja is very good at Fortnite, but not the best as is proven by the fact that he failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. He is definitely being surpassed by new contenders who have been participating in the Fortnite World Cup and the rising competitive scene.

Who is the best at fortnite 2020?

Who are the Top 20 Fortnite Players to watch in 2020?Bugha. Bugha came out on top of last year’s Fortnite World Cup, a feat that definitely deserves a spot as one of the best Fortnite players in 2020. … Diggy and Marz. … NRG Benjyfishy. … Maken1x. … Aqua. … Clix. … Wakie. … EpikWhale.More items…•

Who has the most kills in fortnite?

BH nixxxayThe player who has the most kills goes by an in-game name of ‘BH nixxxay’ and he has 222,522 kills to his name. He is not a professional player. He is a Twitch streamer and has a YouTube channel of his own which has 5k Subscribers.

The reasons why Fortnite has become such a global hit are clear to see. Not only is the game free, but it is also available on most gaming platforms. On top of this, the Battle Royale-style, in which up to 100 players fight it out at one time, mean that the re-playability of the game is infinite – each game is unique.

Who is the best aimer in the world?

[Top 15] CSGO Best AimersFer. … Twistzz. … Ropz. … MICHU. … ScreaM. … Coldzera. … s1mple. Oleksandr Kostyliev, born October 2nd, 1997 is a professional Ukrainian CS:GO player presently competing for Natus Vincere. … Niko. Nikola Kovač, born on February 16, 1997, is a Bosnian professional CS:GO player.More items…•

Where is Tfue now?

Tfue lives in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, USA. He used to live in Los Angeles, California with other members of the FaZe clan.

Who has the best aim on fortnite?

[Top 10] Fortnite Best Aim Players8: Liquid 72hrs. … 7: FaZe Cloak. … 6: CoL Hogman. The magnificent Hogman! … 5: Shroud. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Shroud sinking another headshot! … 4: Nick Eh 30. He’s pretty cool, eh? … 3: Ninja. The indomitable Ninja. … 2: High Distortion. The one and only. … 1: FaZe Tfue. The Man, the Myth, the Legend.More items…•

Where does fortnite rank in popularity?

Fortnite is the 39th most popular video game and the 19th most famous. Fortnite is described by fans as: Fun to play with friends, For kids, Addictive, A good time-waster and For adults.

Is 12 kills in fortnite good?

If you look at streamers and players of the game that are REALLY good you’ll see that 10–15 kills is actually low for them. They try to average around 20 a game which is their standard which is crazy but because they are so good that is there “alright” game.

What is the highest kill in fortnite solo?

One player, Elemental_Ray, broke the structure that players were standing on in his game — killing 48 of them, and setting the new record for solo kills in Fortnite.

Is fortnite dying?

Recently, quite a few Fortnite content creators and fans have openly criticized the game, and called it ‘dead’. The recent move to lower the FNCS prize pool has led to people believing this title has a ‘content-oriented’ future.

How do I practice my aim in fortnite?

Train Your Crosshair On EnemiesTrack the person’s movement horizontally while aiming at the center of the body. Even if your enemy is jumping, your crosshair will land on their bodies.If you’re jumping to avoid being shot, aim downwards as you shoot. … If they crouch to avoid headshots, aim at the center of their body.