Quick Answer: Can Sceptile Learn Frenzy Plant?

Is Sceptile a dragon type?

Mega Sceptile (メガジュカイン) is a Grass/Dragon type Mega Evolution that debuts in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Mega Sceptile uses the Lightning Rod Ability, which lets it absorbs Electric-type moves and raises its Special Attack whilst nullifying the move..

Why is Meganium hated?

The hate is because it’s bad and outclassed and the worst starter in the game. It’s not. Even though I’m a Gen 5 fan, the Unova starters are worse and so is Typhlosion, Chesnaught, Typhlosion, Feraligatr and even Blastoise (pre Mega). Meganium is easily middle of the pack.

Is Torterra better than venusaur?

Venusaur is better for status, has less crippling weaknesses, and is better as a bulky special attacker. Torterra is better on a Trick Room team, as a bulky physical attacker, or on a sandstorm team.

What is Sceptile weak against?


Is turtwig a good Pokemon?

Piplup – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Piplup is one of those Pokemon who is best used strategically. It has the fewest weaknesses, which makes it useful in battles. Plus, it can learn water, ice and flying type moves thanks to its penguin resemblance.

How do you get the Sceptile frenzy plant?

To get this special Sceptile, you’ll need to find enough candies to evolve it from Treecko. That’s a total of 125 candies you need, or 42 Treecko for you to catch! Don’t worry though. As long as you evolve your Sceptile within one hour of the event’s end, you’ll still receive Frenzy Plant.

Can Torterra learn Frenzy Plant?

Unsurprisingly, Torterra learns Frenzy Plant when evolved during the event period and up to two hours after. Make sure to evolve your Turtwig and Grotle into a Torterra before 4 p.m. in your local time in order to get the special move.

Is Empoleon a good Pokemon?

All hail the penguin king! Empoleon will be a interestingly typed addition to the meta, and certainly a worthy Water starter, being about on par with Feraligatr and slightly worse than Swampert….Steel Types:PokemonEmpoleonMax CP2900Attack210Defense186Stamina19712 more columns•Aug 3, 2018

Is Sceptile good in PvP?

PvP Rating Explanation Sceptile is one of many Grass-type contenders in Great League. With an offensive stat distribution and somewhat vulnerable mono-Grass-typing, Sceptile is one of the more fragile and riskier picks.

Is Meganium a good Pokemon?

Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium Max CP and Stats Surprisingly, the Defense stat of entire Family is still slightly higher than Defense of other starter families. Given the stat distribution and potential movesets, Meganium is not a great in Gym offense, but is very good in Gym defense.

Is frenzy plant a legacy move for venusaur?

Venusaur (Bulbasaur) Frenzy Plant is by far Venusaur’s best grass type charged move in PVP. … If you don’t evolve any other grass type Pokémon this Community Day, this should be the one you make sure to get a hold of!

Can venusaur learn Frenzy Plant?

Niantic just announced that any Venusaur evolved during March’s Community Day event will know Frenzy Plant as its exclusive charge move. Frenzy Plant will be a two-bar charge move attack that has a base damage of 100.

Why is chikorita so bad?

Chikorita has a reputation as one of the worst starters. Not only is it bad against the first two gyms in Johto, it also has absolutely terrible moves. … Although Chikorita learns Razor Leaf at level 8, it can never learn a more powerful Grass-type move than that one.

Is venusaur a good Pokemon?

Venusaur stats Poison type Pokemon with a max CP of 2720, 198 attack, 189 defense and 190 stamina in Pokemon GO. … Venusaur’s best moves are Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant (14.78 DPS). Venusaur is a great Grass type attacker, especially with Frenzy Plant, a charge move that completely transforms him.

Can Meganium learn Frenzy Plant Pokemon go?

Question: is it Possible to TM frenzy plant to meganium? Need a azumarill counter badly… Unfortunately, no. None of the community day exclusive moves can be TM’d on to Pokemon.

How good is Sceptile?

Sceptile has an excellent combination of offensive stats and Speed as well as a wide movepool with many good coverage options. Furthermore, after Mega Evolving, it has a pretty decent ability in Lightning Rod, which makes Mega Sceptile a good switch into Electric-type attacks.

Is Torterra a good Pokemon?

Pokemon GO Torterra is a Grass and Ground Pokemon, the final evolution stage of Turtwig family line. Torterra has 2825 Max CP, 202 Attack, 197 Defense and 190 Stamina, which makes her one of the most well rounded Grass starters to date. Torterra costs 100 Candy to evolve. …

Is Vine Whip or Razor Leaf better?

If you’ve got good charge moves, vine whip. If not, razor leaf. Razor leaf means 9 seconds until reach 36 energy (cheapest charge attack costs 35 energy). … Too much emphasis is placed on low cost charge moves and energy gain.

Which Pokemon can learn Frenzy Plant?

These Pokémon can learn Frenzy Plant from a move tutor in the games.Venusaur. #003 / Grass · Poison.Meganium. #154 / Grass.Serperior. #497 / Grass.Decidueye. #724 / Grass · Ghost.

Is venusaur a frog?

Since the beginning, Venusaur and its evolutionary predecessors Bulbasaur and Ivysaur have resembled a sort of hybrid between frogs and dinosaurs, with the only major difference from normal Earth frogs being the plants they carry on their backs.

Which is better Torchic mudkip or treecko?

Being able to attack before an opponent’s Pokémon could decide a close battle. Treecko has 40 more starting stat points for speed than Torchic and has double the starting speed of Mudkip. … Mega Sceptile also has improved defense versus electric type Pokémon through its Lightning Rod Ability.

How good is frenzy plant Pokemon go?

PvP. Currently, Frenzy Plant has the best DPE of any Grass charge move, with 2.22. This stat is significantly higher than Leaf Blade or Solar Beam at 2.00 and 1.88 respectively. … With a Bug quick move, Sceptile can be used to counter Psychic, Grass, and Dark Pokémon.

Is Aggron good for PVP?

The best moves for Aggron are Iron Tail and Heavy Slam when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Does Sceptile learn Giga Drain?

Sceptile is a Speed-type playable character in Pokkén. Moves it can use include Bullet Seed, Detect, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, and Giga Drain. Upon entering Burst form, it Mega-Evolves and can use the Burst Attack Forest’s Flash.

Can you get frenzy plant Pokemon?

Frenzy Plant, a Grass type signature move that can be learned by the starter Pokémon in the main series games, has just been introduced in the game. It is a 2-bar charge move with 100 base power and a cooldown of 2.8 seconds.

Can Meganium mega evolve?

Meganium is a Grass-type Pokémon. It evolves from Bayleef starting at level 32. It is the final form of Chikorita. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Meganium using the Meganiumite.

Is blaziken better than Swampert?

Swampert is bulky, and can take some hits while setting up hazards or boosting its stats to sweep. Blaziken is faster, hits harder without needing to set up, but its defenses are lower so it’s more fragile. Whatever suits your playing style, both are great Pokémon.