Quick Answer: How Can I Play MKV Files On My TV With Subtitles?

Which player can play MKV file?

VLCVLC for Android The best-recommended solution is VLC for Android.

This free media player has capabilities to play almost any video or audio format thrown at it, and MKV format is not an exception..

Is MKV better than mp4?

MP4 is more widely supported for playing video on a browser, and it has less file overhead. MKV is more popular for converting DVDs and Blu-Ray discs to video files. The important factor for video quality in MKV vs. MP4 isn’t the container but the codec.

Which is the best MKV Player?

Best MKV Player for PC:DivX 10 High Quality MKV Player:5K Player:VLC Media Player:Free MKV Player:MKV Amp Player:VLC for Android:3.MX Player:

How do I play MKV files with subtitles?

Click the “Add files” button and import the MKV video you want to add subs with. Hit the “Edit” button to head for the editor window. Tap the “Subtitle” icon and you can add subtitle file to your MKV video in that interface.

Does converting MKV to mp4 lose quality?

Almost any conversion to a lossy format will result in some kind of quality loss. But if your MKV file only uses MP4 compatible codecs then you could just remux your MKV file to an MP4 file without any quality loss.

How can I play MKV files on my smart TV?

To play MKV on Samsung Smart TV, you firstly need to transfer MKV files to Samsung Smart TV with a USB portable device. Just stick the USB device with the MKV files inside to the Samsung Smart TV, and then you could play back MKV files in USB on Samsung Smart TV.

How can I play movies on my TV with subtitles?

Ensure this for watching movies with subtitles via USB on TVYour TV should be advanced enough to read a subtitles. Mine is.Name the folder, the video file and the subtitle files exactly same. … Keep the subtitles file in the same folder as the video file.Video format of the files also matter.

Do MKV files have subtitles?

Softsubs can either be separate files – most players will automagically look for subtitles with the same name (different extension) as the main video. Or certain container file formats (like MKV) can have them embedded inside. Check out MKVtoolnix (there is a mac port) for MKV file tools.

Why can’t I play MKV files on my TV?

When it comes to playing MKV files, you can either play them by downloading codecs or on compatible media players. … This problem arises if the MKV file contains any audio codec, subtitle, or image that is not supported by Samsung TV, it cannot be played.

What is the CC button on TV remote?

On your remote control press the INFO button. Use the arrow buttons to scroll and select CC. Select the option Closed Captioning.

How do I get subtitles for TV shows?

Best Subtitle Sites for TV Series and Movie SubsSubscene. Subscene is the most popular website to download subtitles where the content is constantly updated for all the latest movies and TV series subtitles. … OpenSubtitles. … DivX Subtitles. … Addic7ed. … TVsubs. … Subs Max. … iSubtitles. … Podnapisi.More items…

How do I convert a mkv file to mp4?

So to convert an MKV file to MP4:Run “VLC media player”.From main menu select “Media” > “Convert / Save…”.On “File” tab, click “Add…” button.Choose you MKV file. … Click “Convert/Save” button.Select Profile: “Video – H. … Click on the icon button that has hint: “Edit selected profile”.More items…

Why does VLC not play MKV?

To solve VLC not playing MKV problem caused by unaccepted media format, you can install MKV codec pack or convert MKV to the best media format for VLC player. … to play MKV files with vlc media player, right click the MKV file, select open with, and choose VLC.

Can I play MKV files on LG Smart TV?

You cannot play the MKV videos on LG TV using the USB drive since the LG TV does not support this file format. The best way to play MKV videos is converting them first to LG TV supported formats and then playing them via the USB drive.