Quick Answer: How Much Is A Pokewalker Worth?

Why is Pokemon Soulsilver so expensive?

Pokémon games already have moderately high replay value and don’t drop in price despite being preowned, so this is double with HS/SS, and thus the high price, especially if it’s in mint condition and still has the poke walker included..

Does the pokewalker work with 3ds?

The Pokéwalker However, an electronic pedometer. Loaded one of their Pokémon classified Pokéwalker that wirelessly connect to the Nintendo 3DS. You can then let the 3DS, which is smaller than a paperback book, after all.

Is HeartGold better than gold?

Gold version has that retro-nostalgic feel to it, but HeartGold is definitely the better game.

Do fake DS games work?

Fake DS games may seem fine if you can play them, but historically they are built shoddily and have less built in memory than typical DS games which means they won’t store your saves for as long.

Why is HeartGold so rare?

Thus, there are limited HGSS games on the market, and thus they are usually very expensive (especially compared to the other games, which can be easily found sealed due to the reprint). … It is even harder to find a HGSS sealed with pokewalker.

Is the pokewalker region locked?

I found this on Bulbapedia, which seems to suggest that the Pokewalkers are indeed region free: It should also be noted that when a Pokéwalker is synced with a new game, the Pokéwalker will become the language the game is. … This suggests that very little data is stored on the Pokéwalker itself.

How do I reset my pokewalker?

Press and hold Down on the D-Pad, X, and the L Button all together. The game will now caution you that you are erasing the Pokéwalker, and all other data will be lost. Select Yes to proceed. Now select Erase Pokéwalker Records, and then when prompted select Connect on the Pokéwalker to complete the process.

Can you use any pokewalker?

From Bulbapedia: It is possible to use one game cartridge for multiple Pokéwalkers; however, only one Pokémon is allowed to stroll at one time. … Either Pokéwalker can now sync with the game and when the original Pokéwalker is connected for a stroll, the step count and original watt count should be restored.

Can you get shiny Pokemon from the pokewalker?

Yes it should be possible since a shiny is determined by the random IVs (hidden pokemon data). It will be the same chance as normal, 1 in 8192. But you won’t be able to tell until you send it back to the game, because the Pokewalker is monochrome.

How do I connect my pokewalker?

Complete these stepsStart the game on the Nintendo DS.Select Connect to Pokéwalker from the Main Menu.Now select Save, then go for a Stroll. … After saving, you will be asked to select a Pokémon from your PC boxes to take for a stroll. … Next, you will choose the route you want your Pokémon to stroll on.More items…

How do I get my pokewalker back?

You can get the pokemon back by pressing Up + Select + R on the connection screen.

Are there fake Pokemon DS games?

The genuine game the font is much more clearer and pronounced as you can see in the photo. The biggest factor I found to determine the game was a counterfeit Pokémon game is the serial number. If you look on the bottom of the front label you will see some numbers such as [NTR-IPKE-USA].

Do you need pokewalker for soul silver?

It can only hold 1 pokemon though, each step is one XP, a pokemon can only gain one level per “walk.” It allows you to access pokemon with moves they can only get via the pokewalker. So… no, you don’t need it.

Does the pokewalker level up your Pokemon?

When you level up in the Pokewalker, it IS indeed like a Rare Candy level up, or a Daycare level up where you just gain a level rather than EVs. Keep in mind, the game will not give you your EVs right away, so If you see no difference or anything, don’t fret.

What is a pokewalker?

The Pokéwalker (Japanese: ポケウォーカー Pokéwalker) is a pedometer device specifically for use with Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver that is able to interact with the games in various manners.

How do you turn the pokewalker off?

It doesn’t turn off. It can only go to sleep mode unless you take the battery itself out.

How much is a pokewalker?

Pokemon HeartGold Version Nintendo DSSale Date ▲ ▼Title ▲ ▼▲ ▼ Price2020-09-30Pokemon Heart Gold Nintendo DS – Complete with Pokewalker!$199.992020-09-28Pokemon: HeartGold Version (DS, 2010) w/Pokewalker, manuals, and box$199.992020-09-21Complete Pokemon: HeartGold Version (DS, 2010) with PokeWalker$90.0027 more rows