Quick Answer: Is Ps4 Or PC Better?

Is PC easier than console?

Console is definitely easier to use, but a PC allows the experience to be tailored exactly to your needs.

It just depends on what you’re looking for..

Are Consoles dying?

Video game consoles don’t appear to be dying in 2018, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combining to sell more than 100 million systems and the Switch quickly racking up a nice user-base of its own. According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, however, dedicated game consoles may not be long for this world.

Why do PC gamers hate console players?

In short the reason why some PC gamers and console gamers hate each other is because a small, angry group of people are defending their choice against a bunch of other people who don’t want the same thing as them. Also know as the history of human conflict.

Is Minecraft PC better than Xbox?

Let’s face it: Minecraft for PC is the best version of the game. … And that right there is my top reason for not playing the PC version: Because it is so clearly better. It’s a bigger world, with more stuff in it, dramatically greater options for multiplayer, and crazy mods like Galacticraft (which I’m dying to play).

Why is PC gaming so expensive?

Why are gaming PCs more expensive than consoles? … PC games often go on sale for cut-rate price within a few months of release, and are usually cheaper at release too. A lot of console owners own a PC too, so when you roll the cost together it’s higher than just buying a gaming PC.

What PC does PewDiePie have?

PewDiePie is currently using Core i9 7th gen processor in his gaming pc. This processor is the latest release from Intel and has 18 cores along with 36 threads. That being said, Felix uses this processor to make sure that his system runs smoothly.

Does ps4 support Java?

Minecraft cross-play has finally come to PlayStation 4. PC’s Java Edition of Minecraft is still a separate version that can only connect with other Java Edition players across Windows, MacOS, and Linux. …

Is Minecraft for ps4 good?

The Java version has been dropping numbers, but it’s still amazing and will probably forever have the most features. Minecraft Bedrock has a lot of new servers and is getting really good, plus it’s completely cross platform! Mineplex, CubeCraft, InPvP, The HiveMC, LifeBoat, are all servers your can play on via PS4.

How much is the cheapest gaming PC?

Today’s Best Cheap Gaming PC DealsHP Pavilion Radeon Vega 8 Gaming PC — $450, was $550.Alarco GTX 650 Gaming PC — $470.Skytech Chronos GTX 1650 Super Gaming PC — $650, was $700.ABS Master GTX 1660 Ti Gaming PC — $800, was $900.Alienware Aurora R9 RTX 2060 Gaming PC — $850 with code 50OFF699, was $1,200.More items…•

Is PC Minecraft better than ps4?

Yes, Minecraft on PC has a bigger community, more mods and so on. However, for me, I would choose PS4 over PC.

Will Nintendo ever die?

The Nintendo brand can’t die. … Nintendo is not in an unfavorable position in the console market, even if it seems like it. And in the bigger market of videogames, Nintendo has the size of a brand —thanks to their IP’s— no single company can have. They are recognized, they just need to do things right.

Do PC gamers have an advantage?

Furthermore, PC players also have a frame-rate advantage as they can play above 60 frames per second, which can make quite a difference in competitive play. A recent video from eVCephei shows that PC gamers have a higher field of vision (FOV) as compared to console players.

What PC does Ninja have?

In order to be the best, you need the best equipment. And that’s why Ninja plays Fortnite on a powerful NZXT BLD gaming PC. Ninja’s computer is all about power and making sure he has what he needs to make his streams flawless.

Is Xbox one better than PC?

You can play games with better graphics than consoles — if you have a powerful gaming PC. This is one of the main arguments in favor of PC gaming, as the hardware inside a gaming PC can far outperform the parts in a console like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Is PC better than ps4?

A $400 computer can easily equal or outperform even the Xbox One or PS4. In short, PC gaming is cheaper. And that’s not even getting into the other ways you get a better value with PC. … The ability to run a full desktop operating system also makes PCs more versatile than a console.

Do PC games look better than consoles?

There’s no two-ways about it: video games look better on PC than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sure, you might have an ageing computer that can’t run games at their absolute highest resolution/framerate/etc. … Otherwise, literally any game with a PC version as well as a console version will look better on PC. Period.

Is Xbox Dead?

From the Xbox Series X’s announcement, Microsoft has made it clear their goal is not to follow the well trodden path of the console cycle. Instead the latest Xbox machine will be one in a series of machines, with different hardware but able to run the same software.

Will PC gaming ever die?

PC gaming will never die out as long as people still use their computer for gaming. PC gaming is just as big as console markets, and it’s growing especially with the rise of esports games like Valorant and Overwatch.