Quick Answer: What Apps Can Play MKV Files On PC?

What is MKV vs mp4?

They could store the actual video streams, audio streams, etc.

The main difference is that MKV supports a wider range of file formats while MP4 is way more limited.


To extract the video from an MP4 file and put it into a MKV file.

MKV is better because it has more features than MP4 and it’s open source..

How do I convert MKV files to Windows Media Player?

Before getting started, you can watch the video tutorial first.Step 1 Import MKV Files You Want to Play. Launch the program and click the. … Step 2 Select WMV as Output Video Format. … Step 3 Convert MKV to Play on Windows Media Player.

Which player is best for MKV files?

VLC Media PlayerNo ‘best MKV players’ list would be complete without the VLC Media Player. VLC is an open-source media player developed by the VideoLAN project.

Can Windows Media Player Play MKV files?

The reason MKV files won’t play in Windows Media Player, or DirectShow-based players, is because they don’t natively support splitting (opening) MKV containers. The MKV file itself acts a media container for video streams, audio streams, subtitles etc.

Can I convert MKV to mp4?

So to convert an MKV file to MP4:Run “VLC media player”.From main menu select “Media” > “Convert / Save…”.On “File” tab, click “Add…” button.Choose you MKV file. … Click “Convert/Save” button.Select Profile: “Video – H. … Click on the icon button that has hint: “Edit selected profile”.More items…

Why does VLC not play MKV?

To solve VLC not playing MKV problem caused by unaccepted media format, you can install MKV codec pack or convert MKV to the best media format for VLC player. … to play MKV files with vlc media player, right click the MKV file, select open with, and choose VLC.

Is MKV better than mp4?

Well, both MKV and MP4 support high quality H. 264 video, but the support for MP4 is more widespread. If you wish to play your videos on mobile devices, MP4 is the way to go. If you know you will only use certain video players like VLC, PotPlayer, or XBMC to play your files, then can’t go wrong with MKV.

Can MKV play on TV?

Since MKV is an open standard and free container format, it can be played on compatible devices or by downloading file codecs. … For example, Samsung TV claims to support MKV files, but it cannot play the ones having Dolby Audio and other incompatible formats as its content.

How can I play MKV files on my PC?

To watch an MKV file using VLC, right-click the MKV file, point to “Open With,” and then choose “VLC Media Player.” To make VLC the default player for MKV files so that you can just double-click a file when you want to watch a video, right-click any MKV file, point to “Open With,” and then click “Choose Another App.”

What can play MKV files on Windows?

Your best bet for playing most MKV files is to use VLC. If you’re on Windows, some other MKV players include MPV, MPC-HC, KMPlayer, DivX Player, MKV File Player or The Core Media Player. Some of those applications will open an MKV file on macOS, too, as can Elmedia Player.

What apps play MKV files?

Part 1. Top 10 MKV players for Windows 10.Bigasoft Total Video Converter.uView.VLC Media Player.KMPlayer.SMPlayer.DAPlayer.JetVideo.FreeSmith Video Player.More items…•