Quick Answer: What Does Curse Do On Snorlax?

What is a good snorlax Moveset?

The best moves for Snorlax are Lick and Hyper Beam when attacking Pokémon in Gyms.

This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles..

Can Ditto breed with Munchlax?

Munchlax can’t breed, so no.

What is snorlax weakness?


Is snorlax a good tank?

Snorlax has an amazing HP stat, and very good Special Defense. His Defense is very low though, but that can be remedied by investing fully in Defense, and he will be an amazing tank. Snorlax also has a good Attack stat, which means he is able to deal decent damage as well.

Is snorlax rare?

Characters like Gyarados, Snorlax, and Lapras are among the rarest species currently available in the game. Other well-known legendary Pokémon, such as Mew, have not become available in Pokémon Go just yet.

Can snorlax still learn body slam?

Snorlax, the old king of the gym defending metagame, is still a great defender in Pokémon GO. It has great bulk, massive stamina and access to heavy-hitting charge moves with STAB such as Hyper Beam. Sadly, Body Slam is a legacy move but Snorlax will be pretty difficult to take down nonetheless.

How do you breed a snorlax with a curse?

Breed a female Snorlax with a male Slowpoke/Slowbro/Slowking. They get Curse by leveling up.

Are belly drums good for snorlax?

Snorlax can effectively use Belly Drum at any point in a game—it can come out and boost early on, which forces your opponent to focus on KOing Snorlax while leaving its teammates unchecked.

What can breed with snorlax?

CounterLearnt byCompatible parentsLevel upChewtle DrednawBreedingCharmander Charmeleon Charizard Rhyhorn Rhydon Kangaskhan Snorlax Rhyperior Axew Fraxure Haxorus

How do you beat the snorlax belly drum?

Set up psychic terrain so Snorlax cannot be statused by prankster pokemon. Use follow me on indeedee to give snorlax a free belly drum. Then once the indeedee gets targeted and killed, swap into ribombee and use speed swap, giving Snorlax base 124 speed, +4 attack, probably double hp from dynamax, and the max moves.

Is Munchlax better than snorlax?

Snorlax has higher HP and better offensive presence. Munchlax is also useless if your opponent has Knock Off. Essentially, there is little reason to use Munchlax over Snorlax unless your tier restricts you to (NU/ LC), or you just want something different.

What TM is curse?

Curse (Japanese: のろい Curse/Slow) is a non-damaging Ghost-type move introduced in Generation II. Prior to Generation V, it was a ???-type move, and the only move of that type. It was TM03 in Generation II.