Quick Answer: What Does The Fairy Gym Leader Eat For Breakfast?

What do sword Pokemon eat for breakfast?

Q) What do I eat for breakfast every morning.

A) There’s a 50/50 chance of answering correctly the first time you’re asked; you can either say curry or omelets.

The correct answer is omelets (unsure how players were supposed to know beforehand..

What is fairy weak to?

Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained in Pokémon GoTypeStrong AgainstWeak AgainstIceFlying, Ground, Grass, DragonSteel, Fire, Water, IceDragonDragonSteel, FairyFairyFighting, Dragon, DarkPoison, Steel, FireDarkGhost, PsychicFighting, Dark, Fairy14 more rows•May 13, 2020

Is Allister a girl Pokemon?

Even though he has taken the role of Gym Leader at a very young age, it is clear that off the pitch he is still very much a normal boy. However, one mystery remains—nobody knows who took this photo. Some even claim it was the work of Ghost-type Pokémon.”

What is the fairy type Gym Leaders favorite color?

How to beat Opal, Ballonlea’s Fairy-type Gym LeaderQuestionAnswerStatsDo you know my nickname?The wizardSpeedWhat is my favourite colour?Purple!Def and Sp. DefHow old am I?16!Attack and Sp. AttackJan 13, 2020

Who becomes the next fairy gym leader?

Gym Mission: In between battling Fairy Gym Trainers, you’re also auditioning to be the next Fairy Gym Leader – Opal’s 88 after all – meaning you’ll be answering questions about the Gym, Opal, and Fairy Type Pokemon.

Is Bede a guy or girl Pokemon?

Nope, Bede is referred to as a “he” in the game. Threw me at first too, but he’s a kid with long eyelashes in a game in which you can wear leggings as a boy.

What is Morgrem weak against?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Morgrem is a Dark and Fairy Type, which makes it weak against Fairy, Poison, Steel type moves. You can find and catch Morgrem in Giant’s Mirror with a 35% chance to encounter during Fog weather when walking through tall grass.

What are the answers to the fairy gym?

Fairy Gym Questions & Answers”Do you know about Fairy type’s Weaknesses”? Poison or Steel (both answers are correct)”What was the previous trainer’s name?” Annette.”What do I eat for breakfast every morning?” Omelettes.”Do you know my nickname?” The Wizard.”What is my favorite color?” … “How old am I?”

What is Gardevoir weak to?


How do you kill Opal?

Recommended counters against Opal Fairy-types are weak against steel- and poison-types, but using those won’t work against Weezing and Mawile. Mawile’s fairy-type weaknesses are completely negated by its steel-typing, so just blast it with fire- and ground-type moves to get by.

What is the first trainer’s name in fairy gym?

Now we have Gym Trainer Theodora. Like the other two battles, there will be a question during the battle. What do I eat for breakfast every morning? First up is Morgrem who is both a Dark and Fairy type.

Can you become the fairy gym leader?

During the Gym Challenge, Gym Challengers battle the Gym Leader Opal to earn the Fairy Badge. After the player has earned all eight Badges, Bede, who was chosen by Opal to be her successor, takes her place as the Ballonlea Gym Leader.

How old is the fairy gym leader?

Opal became the Ballonlea Gym Leader at the age of 18, inheriting the position from her mother, and she has held it for 70 years.

Why is Fairy weak to steel?

Weak to steel because fairies are considered small and cute so a block of steel would crush it. Resisted by fire because fairies are considered small and fragile and so they would burn to death in fire.

What is Ghost Pokemon weakness?


What is gym leader Opal nickname?

The wizardOpal will ask you a series of questions, and one of them will be the following: “You… Do you know my nickname?”. Here, there’s only one correct answer and if you’re wondering what is Opal’s nickname in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the answer is The wizard.

How do you take Gigantamax?

In order to get the Gigantamax form, players must defeat them in a Max Raid Battle and capture them. These are amongst the most difficult Raid Battles, most appearing with 5 stars. The capture rate of these Pokemon is also meager, most will break out on players’ first attempts.