Quick Answer: Which Phone Is Used In Pmco 2020?

Which phone is used in PUBG tournament?

vivo phonesContestants will be using vivo phones for the tournament, which will feature players from ten regions across the globe..

Which Snapdragon processor is best for PUBG?

PUBG MOBILE on a Snapdragon 660, Helio P60/P70 and Kirin 970 should deliver a smoother gameplay experience with medium graphics. Luckily, for gamers on a budget, the POCO F1 starting from Rs 19,999 is the cheapest smartphone that offers the Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6GB RAM.

Who is the richest PUBG player?

Mohammed Owais LakhaniMohammed Owais Lakhani, popularly known as Owais is a team India PUBG player who currently plays for the team Fnatic Mobile. His income from tournaments alone is reported to be Rs. 1.2 crores not to mention Rs.

Who won Pmco 2020?

Team X SparkTeam X Spark won the PMCO Fall Split India 2020 and took home $2600 in prize money.

Who is World No 1 PUBG?

Athena Gaming usually plays Solo matches and is seen playing Duo matches on rare occasions. He is the best PUBG Mobile player from Korea and is also among the best PUBG players in the world.

Is vivo z1 pro good for PUBG?

If your priority is a game-centric device with long-lasting battery life, Vivo Z1 Pro is a good buy, especially for users who are die-hard fans of PUBG. Vivo Z1 Pro is also an excellent selfie smartphone.

Is iPad allowed in Pmco?

Question: Tablets/iPads are banned from club open for online matches as well? Answer: Yes, tablets are not allowed in top 32 team qualifiers. We have the ability to detect what type of device is being used, and teams that use Emulators, Tablets, or other prohibited devices will be disqualified for the PMCO.

Is Poco x2 good for PUBG?

Qualcomm 8nm Snapdragon 730G is a gaming-focused Processor. 6GB RAM which is enough to play PUBG. POCO X2 supports 120Hz Refresh Rate display, that gives you great gaming performance. 4500mAh battery with 27W fast charging that charge smartphone in Just 58 Minutes, that means you will play PUBG about 7 hours non stop.

Can my phone run PUBG?

The PUBG Mobile compatible phones running Android is an incredibly long list. … Essentially, as long as your phone runs Android 5.1. 1 or later and has at least 2 GB of RAM, you should be good to go.

Are triggers allowed in Pmco?

PUBG Trigger is Not allowed in PMCO.

Is SouL qualified for Pmco?

Aman revealed on one of his streams on YouTube that Team SouL will not be playing in the PMCO Spring Split 2020. … Not only team SouL, but the top 8 teams from the last PMCO Fall Split South Asia 2020 will be directly invited to the PMPL South Asia.

Which phone is used in Pmco?

Vivo will provide the official smartphone for the PMCO 2019 SEA League and this will ensure the ultimate gaming performance. For instance, its V15Pro comes with the Multi-Turbo Engine that delivers optimum performance during even the most intense mobile game play.

Which phone is best for PUBG in 2020?

Here’s a list of the powerful smartphones that are considered as the best android phone for users to play highly graphical games….Summary List of Best Gaming Phones to Play PUBG in India in 2020.Top Mobile Phones and PricesPricesOnePlus 8 Pro54999Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro13999Realme 6 Pro17999Poco X2174996 more rows•Jul 23, 2020

Is iPhone allowed in Pmco?

The most important rule set by PMCO is a very obvious one – you can only use a handheld device to play in the tournament. In short IOS and Android phones are the only eligible devices. … Players may not play on tablets, personal computers (PC), consoles, laptops, or any other non-handheld device.

Which phone is used in Pmco fall split?

vivo provides the official smartphones to empower players conquest at the competition with ultra-smooth gaming experience. Players from ten regions across the globe will be leveraging to battle their way through the Spring & Fall Split in PMCO 2019, for the total prize pool of $2.5M USD.