Why Do Pokemon Games Cost So Much?

Why does Pokemon White 2 cost so much?

It’s due to supply and demand.

Although, that price is definitely a ripoff.

People on the internet are definitely going to inflate the price as much as possible..

Why are DS games expensive?

Probably because of risk. The number of people looking for DS games is going to be fairly small now, so they store risks being stuck with it for a long time. Because those are becoming rare. And the games you mentioned are class a games for the ds.

Why do Pokemon games cost so much?

As for all Pokemon games for Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance, legitimate copies cost more because of all te counterfeit Pokemon games being sold. … Fake Pokemon games only bring value to the real ones. Yes, 70 dollars is 30 more than the original retail price, but the game you get is definitely worth the extra money.

Why is Pokemon Emerald so expensive?

It’s expensive because it’s the best Pokemon game on the GBA. … Try finding a pokemon game at a gamestop for less then 25$..

Why is Pokemon Platinum so expensive?

2 Answers. It probably has to do with supply and demand. As of now, Pokemon Platinum is almost 10 years old, so there aren’t as many copies being sold as newer games such as Sun and Moon. Therefore, the price of these “old” Pokémon games are generally higher than that of newer ones.

What is the most valuable Pokemon game?

Pokémon: 10 Most Expensive Games In The Franchise (& What They’re Worth)1 Pokémon Red ($2112)2 Pokémon Heartgold Ho-Oh Figure Bundle ($1330) … 3 Pichu Bros Mini ($1296) … 4 Pokémon Yellow ($911) … 5 Pokémon Gold ($890) … 6 Pokémon Emerald ($839) … 7 Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire ($729) … 8 Pokémon FireRed ($599) … More items…•