Why Is Blaziken Banned?

Why is Excadrill banned?

October 3 and 9, 2011.

After Round 5, Excadrill and Thundurus were banned.

That Pokemon was Excadrill, who tore apart everything with its Adamant Life Orb set being used over its inferior Jolly Air Balloon set, both of which had doubled Speed in sand thanks to Sand Rush.

It was such a boss that it could Rapid Spin too..

How good is blaziken?

Blast Burn Blaziken has now the highest fire-type DPS in the game and can be considered as a great raid attacker. Its PvE performance is on par with Overheat Moltres in plenty of scenarios. The additional bulk of Moltres makes up for its slightly lower DPS, but results and rankings might vary by moveset and raid boss.

Is deoxys banned?

In singles: Deoxys Normal and Attack are banned for their crazy offense and speed. Defense and speed set up hazards a bit too easy (speed is more guilty with this). In doubles: It’s because event Pokemon are not allowed. And Deoxys for whatever reason still applies.

Is Excadrill better than groudon?

Regarding its overall performance, it’s probably slightly worse than Groudon (Excadrill deals slightly higher DPS and Groudon has significantly higher TDO), but still a wonderful Pokémon to add to your attacking squad and a better lead than Groudon in raids, when the raid boss still doesn’t have a ton of energy to fire …

What is blaziken hidden ability?

Your Pokemon now has a Hidden Ability. Most Pokemon have two “normal” abilities, which the game randomly decides between. However, Blaziken only has one ability: Blaze. When your Blaziken’s HP drops into the red zone, it will gain a boost to it’s fire type moves, thus making it stronger offensively.

Why was Garchomp banned?

The reason that garchomp is banned is that the only viable counter I can think of (sash Smeargle with Counter & Mirror Coat ) Can’t be used against a sub, can’t be switched in because of Sandstorm and Garchomp would just destroy it, and you have to sacrifice a Pokemon to find out what set it seems to be running ( …

Is blaziken stronger than Charizard?

Blaziken is better than Charizard at physical sweeping, with Charizard offering only Speed and the risky Belly Drum over the chicken. … Blaziken is not only better, he’s the best Fire in the game.

What Pokemon are illegal in tournaments?

25 Banned: Mewtwo.24 Banned: Deoxys.23 Should Be Banned: Mega Kangaskhan.22 Banned: Mew.21 Banned: Shaymin.20 Should Be Banned: Smeargle.19 Banned: Blaziken.18 Banned: Aegislash.More items…•

Why is Blaze blaziken banned?

Because Blaziken the Pokemon is broken with access to Speed boost. Speed boost the ability is not broken, so they did not ban Speed Boost. Just like Aldaron’s Proposal: Drizzle + Swift Swim, they later banned Sand Stream + Sand Rush.

Does blaziken learn close combat?

Balance. Mienshao, Blaziken, and Medicham are all top of the line high-power, low-defense fighters, but they don’t have close combat. Fringe fighters such as Hitmons get close combat because otherwise they are statistically inferior to a dozen or so similar pokemon.

Why is Excadrill so good?

Excadrill is one of the best Pokemon in the tier. Its excellent defensive typing and decent natural bulk make it able to switch into Pokemon like Latios, Tyranitar, Reuniclus, Tornadus lacking Focus Blast, and Jirachi.

Is speed boost blaziken banned?

Blaziken itself is banned. The reason why the combination of Blaziken + Speed Boost is not the only thing banned is because it is a complex ban that opens up a whole other can of worms where every pokemon with every possible ability they could have would need to be tested and tiered accordingly.

Which is better infernape or blaziken?

The reason is because Infernape has a much higher speed stat than Blaziken and Infernape has access to Earthquake which is super effective against Blazekin. However, Blaziken would win if its ability is Speed Boost and knows Protect.

What is the best Moveset for blaziken?

Blaziken best moves and move sets in Pokémon GoCounter fighting (quick)Fire Spin fire (quick)Overheat fire (charged, 1 bar)Brave Bird flying (charged, 1 bar)Focus Blast flying (charged, 1 bar)Stone Edge rock (legacy, charged, 1 bar)