Several Good reasons Community center Video lessons Be an aid to Offer an excellent Easter Message.

Easter is really a big deal. Palm Sunday. Good Friday. Resurrection Sunday. They are seismic events in God’s redemptive storyline. Add to that particular the fact that a lot of individuals who aren’t regularly in church are in church on Easter and you have a situation where, as a pastor or worship leader, you feel a great deal of pressure to deliver great services that powerfully reflect the Gospel of Christ. What exactly do you do?

Using video in your Easter services certainly won’t solve all your problems, but church videos are what I know, and so I wish to offer you a few explanations why I believe using video can help to alleviate a few of the pressure you feel to deliver powerfully at Easter.


Meets people where they are. You’ve heard it before but it’s worth repeating: We are now living in a visible culture. Incorporating video and other types of visual media into your service will put people relaxed, to allow them to settle in and prepare to hear the message. For instance, starting the service with a funny clip is a great way to put the congregation at ease.

Connects emotionally. Video operates on a mental level and offers you a good tool for having the congregation emotionally prepared to hear your message. Employing a Sermon Illustration video is a superb way to setup your message. The video you select can illustrate certainly one of your points, demonstrate a situation where people need to hear your message or raise questions that then you’re able to deal with in your message.

Gives people space to reflect. Using video is also an effective way to steer the congregation into a time of reflection and also helps focus them on what exactly you would like them to reflect on mesaje de paste, urari si felicitari prin SMS de sfintele pasti. Put it to use to start the service to get ready their hearts for what they’ll hear. Put it to use during a unique time in the service such as Communion to steer them through what you will have them reflecting on. Put it to use by the end of your message to give them space to take into account and answer what they’ve heard.

In every one of these ways and more, video offers you a robust tool to help do the main thing at Easter: connect visitors to the life-changing message of Christ.