What are the top five insurers for automobile insurance?

Top 5 insurance companies in Thailand that offer car insurance


Nowadays, there are several insurance companies in Thailand that provide auto insurance in Thailand for Voluntary Motor Insurance. To attract clients, each firm has its own unique or outstanding characteristics that set it apart from the competition. The coverage, premium rate, and other factors will differ. However, I would list the top five popular insurance companies about the car insurance product that the customer often choose as follows:

1.      The Viriyah Insurance

Viriyah Insurance Company has been in operation in Thailand for over 70 years and is a well-known insurance company among Thais. As a result, the company has a strong reputation and credibility. Viriyah Insurance Company’s strength is providing quick services that meet the needs of customers, and there are over 600 garages covered  around Thailand.

2.      Tokio Marine Insurance Group

           It is an insurance company that offers a variety of types of automobile insurance such as Types 1, 2, 3+ of the Voluntary Motor Insurance that the coverage differs. It covers when your car is damaged and the liability of the third party. Moreover, Tokio Marine Insurance provides many types of forms in each insurance product to the insured who want to claim. If you want to claim the compensation cost for the automobile insurance, you can fill the form easily.

3.      MSIG Insurance

          It is international non-life insurance, which is also popular in automobile insurance. There are locations in Thailand. Insurance from MSIG Provide a variety of Voluntary Motor Insurance policies with varying benefits, such as types 1, 2+, or 3+. Furthermore, the company can calculate the insurance rate depending on the insured’s driving behavior.

4.      Sinmunkong Insurance

          It has been in operation in Thailand for over 70 years. There are many car insurance plans provided for the customers with the affordable insurance premium rate. The assistant services for emergency cases are very quick and can call for 24 hours. The claim processes are easy and quick.

5.      Bangkok Insurance

It is one of the most well-known insurance companies for car insurance and other types of insurance. Surprisingly, Bangkok Insurance provides color-fast repairing services within 5 hours. The claim procedure is quite fast. Furthermore, the customer can submit the claim directly by using the BKI iCare application.


These are the top five insurance providers for car insurance. Voluntary Motor Insurance, particularly Types 1, is in high demand since it covers third-party property damages, third-party bodily injury, loss of use, insured property damages, insured bodily injury, and others. However, if you intend to purchase a car, you must also acquire car insurance in Thailand. Not only are the five insurance companies listed above at the top of the insurance industry, but Rabbit Care brokers is in the top-tier as well. If you acquire auto insurance through Rabbit Care, you will receive various benefits, including car rental services while your vehicle is in the garage, paying insurance premium by installments, and others. You can check the premium online on our website. Moreover, Rabbit Care also provides car insurance for our partners at a reasonable price.


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